A society where all children are provided equal opportunities for growth, enjoy their childhood and lead a dignified life free from exploitation.


  • To provide education and healthcare to vulnerable children such as street children and children engaged in begging.
  • To provide them a caring and friendly environment and meet their basic needs like food, clothing 
  • To train adolescents in vocational skills that will give them a decent means of livelihood. 
  • To strive to protect child rights and strongly advocate the same everywhere that we work.


Subhiksha was registered as a voluntary organization on 8th October 2009. We started out with little more than our genuine desire and passion to change little children’s lives. To give an equal chance for all the children around us to have a good future. To help them go to school, eat properly, grow well and stay healthy. To make them laugh, play and have fun. To help them live their childhood and develop into productive citizens.

We started working with government schools in some localities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. With the support of individual donors and corporate employees, we provided basic amenities and infrastructure like toilets, sports material, learning and teaching material, radio and TV sets, etc. 

There were many children in the slums who had never enrolled in a school or dropped out. They were sent for begging and rag picking to supplement the family income. They never got an opportunity to get educated or learn skills that could lead them to a better future. We started a school for these children and convinced a few of them to attend. Siblings and friends of the few children joined and our school grew to its current strength. 


  • To identify, rescue and rehabilitate children involved in begging. 
  • To create opportunities for bridge education for the children who have/never been to school or those who have long gap in their education. 
  • To work towards the mainstreaming of children through formal; education system. 
  • To prioritize the need for repatriation (where ever possible) of children in difficult circumstances within their families and strengthen their family based care system for further growth and development of children. 
  • To create opportunities for children (above the age of 15 years) for skill learning with basic education for better livelihood. 
  • To provide Quality Institutional Care for proper growth and development of children in the broader perspective of Child Rights.



Kishore Kumar Pondi



Jyothi Kallukuda

Vice President


Aruna Gudela



Shiva Madhuri Pandi

Joint Secretary


Shama Marsula



Anitha Pettugadi

Executive Member


Jaya Katwade

Executive Member


  • Registration Certificate
  • 12A Certificate
  • 80G Certificate